Giorgio Grisales was born in Colombia in 1963 and in 1982. He moved to Cremona to study the art of violin making that has always fascinated him.
In 1988 he graduated as Master Luthier at the “International Violinmaking School” of Cremona and later attended a course organized by “Regione Lombardia”, at the end of which he obtained the Diploma of Bowmaker.

His professional training was completed in 1990 in Milan, where he obtained a professional specialization diploma in luthier cultural heritage conservator at the “Civic School of Violin Making”.In the same year Giorgio opens his workshop in the center of Cremona, in Via Sicardo Vescovo 2/a, where he still works today with his son Andrea and his nephew Ricardo.

After more than 30 years of activity, his instruments are known and appreciated all over the world. His rich production includes a wide range of violins, violas, cellos and double basses, a category in which he won the Silver Medal at the XI International Triennale Competition of Stringed Instruments “Antonio Stradivari” in 2016.

Following the ancient Cremonese tradition of Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri, Giorgio also devoted himself to the study of Milanese violin makers of the 20th century.
In particular, he has published two books on the life and works of two great masters: Ferdinando Garimberti and Giuseppe Ornati, of whom he is an expert today.

Today, alongside the activity of luthier, he carries out the certification service of ancient instruments for the Chamber of Commerce and the Court of Cremona, identification code n. 141, category Appraisers and Experts, with specialization in the construction, restoration and evaluation of stringed instruments.

In conclusion, Giorgio is a founding member of the “Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari” of Cremona, of which he has been the President since 2016.
Since its foundation and in particular in recent years, Giorgio has represented and promoted the “Consorzio Liutai” and the art of violin making all over the world.


— currently on loan to Tibah Saad (Galilee Quartet)

Model: Giuseppe Oranti 1929 (customised)
Year of construction: 2017

Top: In two pieces of Italian male spruce with regular grain.
Back: In one piece of radial cut maple with deep and irregular marbling.
Bands: In marbled Balkan maple
Head: Balkan marbled maple
Varnish: Oil and amber-coloured with spirit shades.

The elegant shapes of the Ornati model blend perfectly with the original marbling of the bottom of the instrument, which has been made using top-quality materials and excellent seasoning. Completing the instrument is an oil varnish that has naturally worn off over time, leaving a beautiful, slightly antiqued patina. This cello has also matured in a very short time thanks to the various musicians who have played it, collecting a rich career of important performances both in Italy and abroad. Over the last three years, this instrument has been loaned free of charge for the purpose of promoting music and violin making in Italy, passing through the hands of young talents such as the Roman cellist Ettore Pagano, the last borrower of the instrument, and the Palestinian cellist Tibah Saad, current borrower of the instrument who performs in a quartet with her family, together with her brothers forming the promising ‘Galilee Quartet’.


2016 | silver medal at the XI “Antonio Stradivari” International Triennial Violin Making Competition (double bass)

2016 | founding member and president of the “Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari” of Cremona

Via Sicardo Vescovo 2/a, Cremona

Today, Giorgio Grisales works in the family workshop at the side of his grandson Ricardo and his son Andrea, working hard together to build the best instruments for tomorrow’s musicians.

Maestro Grisales’ workshop is located in the heart of Cremona, a stone’s throw from the famous Torrazzo in Piazza del Duomo. Giorgio Grisales, together with his son Andrea and his nephew Ricardo, keep doors and windows always wide open, letting fresh winds pass through from all over the world, where ancient traditions are breathed and new ideas circulate, mixing and creating harmony.
A workshop of curiosity, where violin makers and musicians confront each other to satisfy the common desire to always improve, and together achieve new goals.


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