Born in Cremona on November 3rd 1964.
He studied at the International School “A. Stradivari” in Cremona, obtaining the Master Luthier diploma in 1983 under the guidance of maestros Giorgio Scolari and Stefano Conia, he then studied at the workshop of M°Scolari where he trained his stylistic personality.

At the same time he cultivated his musical studies (already undertaken at a very young age) such as: trumpet, double bass, lyric singing, harmony and conducting. Currently he is Maestro conductor of the Fanfara Bersaglieri of Cremona. He collaborates with the “A. Stradivari” Institute of Cremona as Teacher of the construction and mounting of bow instruments advanced courses. He successfully took part in prestigious Italian and International Luthiers competitions  obtaining numerous awards and artistic recognitions.
Today his instruments are bought by excellent Italian and foreign musicians and international orchestras, because they appreciate the artistic, acoustic and constructional qualities; some examples: NDR Symphony Orchestra of Hamburg, Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Suisse Romande, Losanna Symphony Orchestra, St.Gallen Symphony Orchestra, Valencia Orchestra, Orchestra di Nagoya, Symphony Orchestra di Sapporo, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra, Aquila Orchestra, Conservatoire National de Chambery, Walter Stauffer Cremona Foundation, Quintett Bottesini, Conservatory of Saragoza, Conservatory of Ginevra, Conservatory “V.Bellini” of Catania, Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala, Orchestra of the Radio Svizzera Italiana, Düsseldorf Synphoniker orchestra, and in particular he has a collaboration with M° Franco Petracchi, to whom he has made a copy of his instrument.
Other than the construction of violins, violas, cellos, double basses he dedicates himself to the reproduction of ancient instruments and to restoration works.

He currently works in Cremona in his own workshop in Via Aselli, 79/83.


Model: Stradivari “personale”
Year of construction: 2018

• body lenght: 40,5 cm
• upper bouts: 19,5 cm
• middle bouts: 13,5 cm
• lower bouts: 23,9 cm


1987 Silver medal at the luthe-making competition in the city of Baveno (double bass)
1988 Gold medal at the international competition “A. Stradivari” Cremona (double bass) and Silver medal at the city of Bagnacavallo competition (double bass)
1992 Silver medal at the city of Bagnacavallo competition (viola and cello)
1993 Bronze medal at the luthe-making competition in the city of Baveno (double bass)
1994 first prize and special prize at the international competition “A. Stradivari” Cremona (double bass)
2003 Silver medal (double bass) and bronze medal (double bass) at the international competition “A. Stradivari” Cremona (unsigned first prize)
2012 Gold medal (double bass) Triennial luthe-making Competition “A.Stradivari” Cremona, and gold medal special prize “P.Balzarini”, as a Cremonese luthier finalist considered by the jury most deserving from an artistic and constructional point of view
2018 Member of the jury of the international competition “A. Stradivari” Cremona 


via Aselli n°79/83, Cremona (Italy)


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