The String Circle brings together luthiers and bowmakers who have distinguished themselves through international awards and recognition, creating a network of workshops and ateliers that offer quality instruments and services to young professional musicians.

The search for fine luthiers’ instruments and bows by young professional musicians is endemic at the debut of their careers. Indeed, those who choose to pursue a career in music find themselves in the necessary and unavoidable condition of needing an instrument and bow that will enable and support their artistic activity with maximum results.

At the same time, the craftsmanship and care that luthiers devote to their profession require innovative promotion and communication strategies that enable them to reach their primary specific market: that of young musicians seeking quality instruments and services, and able to recognize and understand the unique and original value of the art of lutherie.

The Master Luthier, through a collaborative process that goes beyond mere sales, can thus guide the musician in choosing an instrument that reflects his or her musical personality, needs, and artistic aspirations, restoring importance to the centrality of the luthier’s role as Master in the relationship between these two figures.

Thus, a widespread Network is born that facilitates international exchange between master luthier and musician, fostering their professional and artistic growth.

Master violin makers are selected in collaboration with The String Circle’s partners: Fondazione Museo del Violino A. Stradivari, Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte.

The luthiers selected to join The String Circle, become part of an international network that promotes the work of artisans within a guaranteed market of excellence, ready to invest in high-value instruments, and presenting themselves as a luthier’s point of reference locally and internationally.

Participating luthiers put at disposal of the widespread collection at least one instrument or bow, kept at the workshop of reference, and marked on the atelier map.

The instruments, made available for free loan for use, are delivered personally by the luthier to the musician. Commodal use agreements, governed by contracts made directly between the luthier and individual musicians, have a maximum duration of 1 year, renewable, with mandatory inspection every 6 months at the luthier on loan.

The contract should provide for the possibility of purchasing the instrument at the end of the loan period, with subsidized economic conditions specified within the contract itself.

In this particular and stimulating light, the relationship between "master" and "maestro" leads to the establishment of an exhilarating dialectical development that leads both figures to overcome their technical and expressive limitations. With his demands, the great musician pushes the luthier to go beyond the established "rules" of his art while, with his skills, the great luthier opens wide to the musician a world of unprecedented expressive possibilities. Both realize their vocation: on the one hand, the unparalleled instrument created by the "master," on the other, the memorable performance made by the "master."


Membership in the network is open to master violin and bow makers who have distinguished themselves through international awards and recognition.
To join The String Circle, it is necessary to provide at least one instrument (violin, viola, cello, bow) on loan for use and some services provided with special conventions for musicians of ensembles participating in the Le Dimore del Quartetto network.

To submit your application, please write to info@thestringcircle.eu sending biography, photos of the workshop, photos and technical information regarding the instrument you would like to provide. We will be happy to consider your application!

  • Participation in an international network of professionals, which promotes tools within a market of guaranteed excellence and which presents itself as a benchmark luthier at local and international level for services such as repairs, maintenance, replacements in different European cities;
  • Presence in the mapping of professionals of the MERITA platform .
    MERITA – where chamber Music, cultural heri tage and talent meet is a digital and real circuiting platform whose main objective is to increase the visibility and circulation of emerging European string quartets, at the same time promoting Europe’s cultural heritage.
    The MERITA platform includes a map that collects a selection of professionals across Europe (e.g. master violin makers, videomakers, photographers, accountants, recording studios, etc.).
    MERITA’s mapping exclusively includes the Master Violin Makers who are part of the The String Circle network.
  • Contact with a network of young professional musicians (guaranteed by the Artistic Direction of Le Dimore del Quartetto) looking for quality instruments to accompany them in their career;
  • Presence of the atelier on the website www.thestringcircle.eu with a dedicated page and on the interactive map;
  • Visibility and targeted communication to market targets interested in purchasing tools through the involvement of collectors and foundations, willing to collaborate in the creation of a permanent collection
  • Visibility of the instruments lent on the concert hall programs and on the CVs of the international ensembles of Le Dimore del Quartetto

The String Circle involves an insurance company to cover any risks of damage and theft through an All Risk policy, unless otherwise defined by the Master Luthier providing the instrument.
When joining, luthiers specify whether they have insurance coverage already in place or reference insurance for their instruments. It is accordingly agreed with Le Dimore del Quartetto which insurance policy to proceed with.
The instrument is always necessarily insured and the insurance costs are the responsibility of the borrowing musician.

The free loan, governed by contracts made directly between luthier and individual musicians, have a maximum duration of 1 year, renewable, with mandatory checking every 6 months at the luthier on loan.

In case of excessive distance or other serious impediment, the inspection may be carried out at another luthier in the network, with the permission of the luthier on loan.

The contract signed between Master Luthier and musician will provide for the possibility of purchasing the instrument at the end of the loan agreement, with subsidized economic conditions defined within the contract itself.

The luthiers who join the project keep the instruments in their workshops.
When the loaner is initiated and the contract is signed, the instrument is delivered personally by the master luthier to the loaner musician.

For more information, contact info@thestringcircle.eu

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