The String Circle brings together luthiers and bow-makers, selected from among the winners of the various prizes of the Antonio Stradivari Triennial International Violinmaking Competition and/or those who have distinguished themselves through other international awards. 
The aim is to create a European network of workshops and ateliers that offer quality instruments and services to young musicians of the Le Dimore del Quartetto network. In particular, these are guaranteed the opportunity to obtain quality instruments on loan for free use. 

Would you like to discover more about who we are and how The String Circle works?


If your ensemble is part of Le Dimore del Quartetto network, please contact info@thestringcircle.eu and indicate:

  • The name of the ensemble
  • The instrument or bow you are interested in
  • Whether you have a preference for any instrument or Master Luthier on our website
  • The reason why you would like to obtain the free loan of the instrument or bow
  • Starting from what date and for how long (up to one year, renewable) you would like to use the instrument or bow
  • Where you are and in (you can consult our map to know where the ateliers are located; please note that in order to see and try the instrument, you will have to go personally to the Atelier)

If you are not part of Le Dimore del Quartetto network, please contact info@thestringcircle.eu explaining who you are and what your needs are.

The String Circle intends to directly involve an insurance company in order to identify a policy that can cover possible risks of damage and theft in a uniform way for all loans. Insurance costs are charged to the borrowing musician. During the application phase, luthiers specify whether their instruments are already insured; once this information has been received, we will agree whether to proceed with the current insurance or to join the insurance policy reserved for the project.

The loan for use, regulated by contracts stipulated directly between the luthier and the individual musicians, has a maximum duration of 1 year, renewable, with mandatory checks every 6 months at the luthier’s.

In case of excessive distance or other serious impediment, the control can be carried out at another luthier’s of the network, upon authorization of the luthier.

The contract with the luthier foresees the possibility of redeeming the instrument at the end of the loan, with favourable economic conditions to be communicated before the start of the loan.

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