Are you or would you like to become a collector of stringed instrument?
Would you like to expand your collection?
Are you a patron or do you wish to become one?

Would you like to put your collection at the disposal of young musicians from the Le Dimore del Quartetto network who are interested in a loan for use?
Would you like to adopt an ensemble and/or a master luthier or bow maker and support them in their career?

The String Circle is a widespread network of Master Luthiers, born from an idea of Le Dimore del Quartetto in collaboration with the Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari.
The network brings together luthiers and bow-makers who have distinguished themselves through international awards, whose creations and workshops are recommended to young musicians in the network of Le Dimore del Quartetto with the aim of promoting and enhancing the contemporary Luthier tradition in Cremona and internationally. 
Concretely, the goal is to create a European network of workshops, ateliers and collectors that provide quality instruments and services to a new generation of professional musicians.

Find out what is the key role of Collectors in The String Circle


It’s extremely common for young professional musicians to look for high-profile lutherie instruments and bows at the beginning of their careers. And it is absolutely imperative for those who start their career in music to have instruments and bows enabling and supporting their artistic activity and achieving the highest results. The craftsmanship and the care of luthiers must be promoted so that they can reach out to the appropriate stakeholders: musicians looking for quality instruments and services, who are able to identify and appreciate the unique and original value of lutherie art.


By entering the network of The String Circle, you will have the opportunity to:

•  Buy quality instruments at advantageous conditions
•  Enhance and promote the instruments in the collection through the communication channels of The String Circle, Le Dimore del Quartetto and Museo del Violino (website, newsletter, social media, press office, printed materials and music programmes)
•  Being part of a network that selects the best craftsmen and contemporary instruments and that guarantees the quality of the investment
• Promotion of European craftsmanship and high quality lutherie
Supporting the career of young musicians
• Turning an investment into a passion that benefits the community
•  Contributing to the enhancement of the collection through concerts, publications, cultural activities

In order to join The String Circle network it is required to offer one or more instruments of your collection on free loan to the musicians of Le Dimore del Quartetto network. Each instrument must be insured and, if necessary, you can take advantage of the conditions applied by the insurers to the Master Luthiers of The String Circle.

Please contact info@thestringcircle.eu introducing yourself, list the instruments you intend to provide to the network, the technical features of each instrument and its location. You will also be able to offer maintenance and repair services by relying on the network of artisans of The String Circle.

By purchasing a high quality instrument made by a certified Master Luthier and leaving it at the disposal of The String Circle’s widespread Network, you will contribute to the growth of the network by concretely supporting the work of craftsmen and musicians.

Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari is at your disposal to assist you in the selection of artisans and instruments of the finest quality that will form a solid base for taking your first steps in collecting contemporary lutherie. 

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