The network is open to master violin, viola and cello makers and bow-makers who have won awards and mentions of honor in international and acknowledged lutherie competitions, including Antonio Stradivari Triennial International Violinmaking Competition. The selection will be made in collaboration with the Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari.

To become part of The String Circle, it is necessary to provide at least one instrument (violin, viola, cello, bow) on loan for use and various services provided with special agreements for the musicians of the ensembles in the network of Le Dimore del Quartetto.

Contact us at and send your biography, some photos of your atelier and all the information about the services and the instrument you want to provide (photos and technical information). We will be happy to evaluate your application!


• The luthiers and bow-makers who join the project keep the instruments in their ateliers, in the countries where they work.

• Each instrument is delivered personally by the luthier to the musician who requests to have it on loan for use.

• The loan for use, regulated by contracts stipulated directly between the luthier and the individual musicians, has a maximum duration of 1 year, renewable, with mandatory checks every 6 months at the luthier’s.

• In case of excessive distance or other serious impediment, the control can be carried out at another luthier’s of the network, upon authorization of the luthier.

• In case the instrument needs maintenance, it will have to be brought back to the luthier.

• The contract must foresee the possibility of redeeming the instrument at the end of the loan, with favourable economic conditions to be communicated before the start of the loan. 

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